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Easter Astronomy

Saturday 11 April 2020
Let's have a look at Easter, why does the date move each year. What about our other important dates, Christmas, New Years, and why do we have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and and mixture of days each month? This will be a leisurely journey through the history of calendars and time keeping, using the Planetarium to demonstrate how these concepts were created.

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Bookings are required to reserve your seats.  While payment is not required at this time, if your plans change we request that you cancel your booking to allow others access to your seats.  

  • We do not have EFTPOS facilities at this time, cash or online payments accepted.
  • The Planetarium tour is indoors and runs in all weather conditions.  
  • A bonus telescope viewing is done either before or after the main tour if conditions permit.

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