Planetarium - an indoor Universe

Day or Night, Rain or Shine - the Universe is waiting for you at Planetarium North, Northland's only public astronomy facility with tours operating every Saturday evening. 

Equinox - We're half way there

Believe it or not we're in spring and summer will be upon us before we blink. 

Tracking the seasons was of utmost importance for our ancestors, and many different ways were devised to monitor the progress of the Sun.

During September and October we'll cover analemmas, sundials and henges and how they helped track the sun's passage in the sky.

Club events

Space Club for all ages

At Space Club this month (Sep 2) we will look at how to design and use Analemma.  Then  on Oct 7 we'll go one step further into celestial navigation.

Do Aliens drink water?

So we found a potential earth like planet right next to our own solar system! 

What does that mean for the chance of finding life?  and will they be water born like us?

Oct 14 we final Community Education program for the year runs, bookings at www.cew.ac.nz Exoplanets and Aliens Course

Viewing targets for Spring - Mars & Saturn especially worthy

Mars moves through the Scorpion to the galactic center

While Saturn rests comfortably beside the Scorpions heart Antares

New Moon - Sep 1, Oct 1.

Full Moon - Sep 17, Oct 16.

Globular cluster near the small cloud of Megelan  is impressive in the telescopes.

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