SuperMoon and Andromeda on display this November

Day or Night, Rain or Shine - the Universe is waiting for you at Planetarium North, Northland's only public astronomy facility with tours operating every Saturday evening. 

SuperMoon - Nov 14 / 15

This month we're expecting to see the largest Moon rising since the 1940s.  Just look toward the east at sunset and you'll see an orange/red Moon - enjoy.

We'll be opening the observatory on Monday to view the Moon rise, and telescopes will aim for the summer targets below. 

The Observatory

500 SH 14 (Kiwi North Gate 1)

Maunu, Whangarei

Doors open:  7.30 pm

Fee: Gold coin donation - all welcome.

Weather Update

Tonight (Tuesday) is a second chance to catch a view of the rising Moon, but forecast is for rain with 100% cloud cover.

We'll update the weather situation here if there is any sign of improvement. 

7:00pm: Just had a shower go through, looks like we're near the edge of the cloud bank but still unsure if we're going to be lucky or not.

4:00pm: We might get lucky, there's a clear patch coming our way but unsure if it will make it in time.

1:00pm: Light drizzle as predicted. 

10:00am:  100% Cloud cover and rain this evening.

Checkout this site for a general idea.   Conditions at any specific location can vary, remember we only need a clear eastern sky to see moon rise.


Viewing targets for Summer

Mars sits in Capricorn this month, still worth a look at our nearest neighbour.

Last chance for Saturn in November, just as the sun sets.

SuperMoon - Nov 14.

Our big brother galaxy Andromeda is best viewed from Northland in summer.

For our standard public schedule and prices, download our current DLE brochure