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Matariki 2017

Our local new year, the time we call Matariki, is generally agreed to be the first new moon following the rise of the beautiful blue cluster in the pre-dawn sky. 

June 25 is the date Matariki officially falls this year, with celebrations planned all over New Zealand. We'll be at the Whangarei Matariki Festival on June 17th, and will be hosting a Matariki Dawn celebration on the morning of Sunday June 25.


Viewing targets for Winter


The giant red has been visible to the eye this year in our telescope - fantastic viewing.

Both of the gas giants are in our winter sky, and they make fantastic viewing in the telescopes.

Where possible we will aim for them after the main tour, come and see if you can find the giant red storm on Jupiter with your own eyes!

 Saturn is just below the Scorpions tail this year. Look for the brownish 'star' that doesn't twinkle.

As if that wasn't enough, when you look at these planets remember that we current have spacecraft in orbit around them both.

Juno is taking incredible close up pictures as it probes Jupiter's core structure, and Cassini is diving between Saturn and its rings that mission nears the end.

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